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Tagged by :iconrhemechan: my incest son 

Name: Roti, some old friends call me Biri

Starsign: Aries

Average hours of sleep: 5-8 hours? If i feel down, 12 hours LMAO

Lucky number: I never think of this but i constantly go through situation of 69 for some reason. Im not even kidding lmao such fate.

Last thing I googled: Joel's cosplay coz daddy //u//

When I started this account:  July 28th, 2015 oh already 2 years for this acc! I rarely be here tho and  had some technical issues which i cant log in before till recently.

Amount of watchers: 129, thanks! ouo/

What do I post: Lately rp related, after im done with this one last app, imma gonna spam with commission and adopt lmao

Do I run any more blogs: Only a page at fb, i dont do tumblr nor insta, im tech-noob lmao spare me _((

Do I get a lot of comments: No?

Why did I choose this username: 
I wanna name this acc "Rotiart" but too bad the username is not available so im like, add 69 at the back and DA said its available. Ya know if you wanna put 69, you gotta go all out hence RotiartTheGreat69 coz fuk it LMAO

Tag 8 people you want to know better. about no _(XDDD
KM: Hiroshi Inoue


Name: Hiroshi Inoue

Age: 26



Orientation: Pansexual


 English Spot (Rabbit)

 Sensitive ears. Great sense of hearing. Literally just having a sharp hearing and thats all, nothing special.


(+) Generous | (+) Passion | (+-) Sassy | (+-) Obedient| (-) Naive | (-) Quirky

A nice guy really. Looking gentle at one time and spill out an extremely unpleasant words next yet still sound friendly at the same time. He's not a bad person tho, just abit dull at reading people's feeling. He's caring but dont know how to care properly and tend to speak his mind out loud without thinking and regret it right later. Very generous in giving out his charming, bright smile tho he's pretty much blur in the inside like wtf is going on even. Basically, an idiot.

- Seeing/making people smile/laugh
- When people pleased with his work on shoes
- Keep things simple and plain
- Brewing tea
- STRANGELY like it when people look down at him.
- Raw carrot
- Hair accesories
- House chores calm him

- LEECHES AND ALL MAGGOT, CARTEPILLAR SPECIES but ok with snakes (He cant handle wiggly woggly bugs)
- Intense cold
- Poor materials for making shoes
- Burnt smell
- Too loud noises (Especially high pitch one)


Born in a family who were well known as shoemakers for three generations. He's the new, 4th generation tho his family didnt do it anymore since his mom married to a pretty useless guy in the name of so called love. The couple ran away together to start their life together; get married and had two sons. Hiroshi is the eldest son of two with eight years gap.

Thing didnt go well when their father lost his job and started to get himself in gambling and ended up being alchoholic. The mother went furious and after non stop arguements and failed to understand nor tolerate with each other, they decided to part they ways. The siblings stay with their mother who brought them back to their grandfather's place which is in Miyuzama ever since the divorce a decade ago and he started to learn to make shoes from his grandfather, enjoy their new life and become a shoemaker for family business. 


RP style: Lite, script, HC
Sometimes i insert an instant rp doodle along the reply just so it can lighten up the rp mood so dont rush me

RP platform: Discord only.
Skype too laggy for me, sorry or if you want to suggest any other rp method, im listening.
I dont do rp via DA's note nor comment.

*Im fine with 18+ rp as long as you're not an underage, tq.
AH: Early Winter

Not rp related, just feel like drawing some students from Winter (Those who are approved in the group so far that is) to get rid of artblock 

From left;
Shou (Mixuen-chan)
Yuuki  (Mine)
Matt (Breebie)
Aldwyn (Emeressa

.........Yuuki so smol.
How d a r e

If there's anyone who i still owe for commission from last year, do note me up!
I noted 3 people and im afraid if i missed anyone else--- if there's any? //sweat

I remember i owe 3 ppl but ehhhhhhhhhhhh i dont rly trust my memory

I have technical issue where i cant view my notification and inbox and finally had my laptop formatted; which i think its malware that prevent me from browsing several websites coz if i do, the unlimited pop up is real and my laptop even went blue screen before LMAOOOOOOOO------- fuk. (Aka, i cant grab the references even)

Even tho its a technical issue, its still my fault so i hope we can fix this with either you want me to continue it or i'll refund, np ouo/

Sorry again for this mess


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Rotiart Amai


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Miko-Koro Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017
hello, your :iconkimono-mimi: reserve has expired, to re-reserve please comment on the job journal.
RotiartTheGreat69 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017
Yeah i was about to pm you guys about it too

and i will re-reserve it after this fever, tq <3
Miko-Koro Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017
oki doke
Mixuen-chan Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017  Student General Artist
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you and me :^)
LeViaTHaNDL Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Student Digital Artist
TBH your dp so cute XDDD 
biri guna apa tu.. 
and nak your tool setting tu
RotiartTheGreat69 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017
dp or---- you mean that ID pic?

I used Sai and just play with layer texture at that time
LeViaTHaNDL Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2017  Student Digital Artist
id pic yes 
Greith Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2015
I am the founder of :iconcity-of-filth: and I was wondering if you would like join my group.

The group is about people living their daily lives in this hell spawn city. Well having the option to rise up and form gangs in the group. Here is the application…
Feel free to reject or ignore if you are not interested.
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